Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Studying Writing in Australia

Well, here I am finally settled into my MA Writing program in Australia. I can finally get back to my blog!

I have not gotten my feet wet with my writing classes just yet. I am currently taking a couple of elective classes: Progress and Anxiety in Victorian Literature and Haunted Screen. I am truly enjoying my Vic. Lit. class because the reading list is amazing. I feel it is important to study the way an author from the past wrote and manipulated his or her characters. Not only am I looking at the works as a reader but also as a writer. The Haunted Screen class is an interesting change for me because we are studying horror films. As a writer, this allows me to take a look at something a little different than just the regular novel, short story, or poem. We get to look into the mind of the director, the social commentary within the screenplay, and the way cinematography is used to manipulate the audience.

I have found that even the smallest element such as sound within a film can change the entire mood and pace of the story. I feel that novels can work in much the same way. You do not have the actual sounds and scenes to hear and view, but if you write the descriptions clearly, the reader will have full access to the entire scene. I am really looking forward to what the rest of the study period and the rest of my classes will bring.

Happy reading and writing!

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