Thursday, February 2, 2012

Positive Words

As a writer, sometimes finding words with positive connotations can be a bit difficult. I am not a negative person, but there are times when I feel as though all of the words I am getting down on paper practically bleed impending doom. I have been attempting to encorporate a few positive words in conjunction with my fire-and-brimstone ones in order to add a bit of balance to my poetry while still maintaining my personal style. I found a link to a site that provides an entire list of positive words.

I also find that just reading some of these positive words do create positive thoughts. Sometimes writing can be difficult and discouraging. I feel that we all need a bit of positive thinking in our lives from time to time. I find that it helps me pull myself back up and realize that the struggle is worth it.

Happy writing, everyone!

Perhaps this list can be of some use in the future.

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