Friday, February 17, 2012

The Perfect Gift for a Book Nerd

What is the best gift for a book nerd like me? Well, the picture above says it all. I cannot possibly think of what better present I would like to have than a couple of books and an iTunes card so I can download an awesome reading time playlist. I will often put my headphones in and play some music so that I can drift off into whatever world the book's characters live in. My boyfriend knows me well. I have already read Stephen King's On Writing, but this is the perfect gift because I will read this book over and over again (and he knew this from the many times I said, "I wish I had that book."). The way Stephen King writes about his craft is captivating. I am in the process of reading Cathching Fire by Suzanne Collins, which is the other book he gave me for this special occasion. I believe I could read these books over and over again as well. I wish more people thought of books for gifts. I know I have tons of books on my wishlist. What books are on your wishlist? What songs are on your reading time playlist?

Photo: Copyright (c) Emily D. Wood


  1. Very sweet! I have heard lots of good things about Stephen King's 'On Writing.' It's on my list. lol It looks like you had a nice Valentine's day. He did good. lol :)

  2. Thank you, Kate! He knows me too well. Who wouldn't love flowers, books, and music? :)

  3. Books on my stand are many, mostly for review! As for writing books, I am reading "What if?"..I am reading it slow, because I want to experiment with what it talks about, absorb well and then move forward.

    As for playlists, I LOVE music! But..while reading/writing, I like my peace and quiet. Interesting to know about you, though!:)

    1. Thank you for commenting! I have moments when I need a bit of quiet time, but mostly I have to have my music. :) Some music can be distracting. One of my playlists consists of Beethoven and an album called Rockfluence (rock songs turned into beautiful piano compositions).